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CURSE BREAKERS! [entries|friends|calendar]
Curse Breakers!

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How to write an episode of Curse Breakers! [24 Feb 2004|11:28am]

1) Come up with a plot outline and title and post it in the community. This way we can make sure no one is working on the same idea and the plots don't interfere with one another. Make sure you adhere to the rules of the universe.

2) Post chapters, as they are finished, in the community for a free beta-read.

3) When the episode is complete, post it on FictionAlley. Curse Breakers! should be contained in the title (eg. Curse Breakers! Legend of the Lost Mitten) and the fact that it uses the Curse Breakers! universe and OCs should be mentioned in the summary or disclaimer.
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Rules of Curse Breakers! [24 Feb 2004|11:26am]

1) All episodes are rated PG, so violence, language and sexual tension should simmer at a level equivalent to the Harry Potter films.

2) Episodes should be comprised of several chapters with each chapter (save the conclusion) ending in some sort of cliffhanger.

3) Bill Weasley is the only canon character who may appear in a Curse Breakers! story.

4) Stories should usually be set in Egypt but any exotic locale is acceptable. The British Isles and North America are completely off limits.

5) Bill will never get anywhere romantically. Though both Anne Strathmore and Fern Pembroke are attracted to Bill, and he to them, something will always get in the way - fiances, curses, bath towels. Bill might 'make out' with Fawn as much as he likes, but he will never get to kiss Anne except in the first and last episodes. First base is the hardest to get to, you know.

6) Characters shall never be permanently killed. If you do decide to temporarily knock off a character, then you had better have a clear idea on how they escape certain death, even if they do not appear again in your own story.

7) Bill, Anne and the Professor are the core team of curse breakers and should appear together in all episodes unless there is a good reason for their absence.

8) Other original characters are welcome in the Curse Breakers! universe, though if their role could be as easily performed by an established character, we would prefer it if you used one of the ready-mades. If you would like your OC to be a recurring character please post a description and explanation of their role in the community and we will work on finding a place for them.

9) Slash for the sake of Slash is boring. While some character's sexual preference is spelled out in Curse Breakers! (Bill, Anne, Fawn) many are not (Fentington-Barrett, The Professor, Doris). Mostly this is because episodes are too busy focusing on action and explosions to worry about the sensitive feelings of secondary characters. If you plan on including a slashy subtext in your story post your case for it here and remember - Vagueness is Bestness.

10) Never break anything you can't fix.
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Dramatis Personae [24 Feb 2004|11:22am]

The following is a list of the main characters in Curse Breakers!. I am hiding them behind a cut as they contain spoilers for the series.

The Curse BreakersCollapse )

The VillainsCollapse )

Local ColourCollapse )
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Characters and Locations [20 Feb 2004|10:29pm]

[ mood | busy ]

I will be posting the Master Character List as soon as I have uploaded chapter 3. Also, as soon as I can, I will set about answering your letters.

Chapter 2 is up now.

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Curse Breakers! Prologue [17 Feb 2004|09:51pm]

Curse Breakers! the Prologue is up at FictionAlley. Chapter 1 should be up by this weekend.
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Bring That Torch Closer... [08 Feb 2004|10:09am]

Curse Breakers! is a series of episodic fics written by different authors but using the same universe and characters.

Set in Cairo, Egypt, one year after Bill Weasley has graduated from Hogwarts, the story follows the adventures of the intrepid curse breakers of Gringotts Bank (Venture and Reclamations Dept.) as they search for treasure, try to outsmart the competition and above all else, come home in one piece.
It stars Bill himself, Professor Ceggerson, an American academic and specialist in ancient curses, Anne Strathmore, a witch and developing psychometrist, and a host of re-curring characters. The heroes must contend with spies, teams of mercenary treasure hunters, deadly curses, and the occasional Death Eater.
Each fic is one episode or one adventure and can exist either as a self-contained stand-alone or as part of the larger story arc. If you are interested in writing for Curse Breakers! please contact me at puddlemereunited@yahoo.co.uk or leave a comment here.
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